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Commuter Colleges vs Non-Commuter Colleges

If you’ve submitted college applications, chances are, you’ve had to compare commuter schools to non-commuter schools. Most of us, college students, have heard about commuter colleges and non-commuter colleges but don’t know much about them. I’ve attended both types of

College Students: Land Your Dream Job after Graduation

As college students, we only have one goal in mind: Land our dream jobs after graduation. Sadly,, many of us, if not most, don’t know how to do that. As the old adage goes, “If you fail to plan, you

Struggles & Hardships of A First-Generation College Student

For a first-generation college student, the college life is untraveled, undiscovered land, if you will. I say this because first-generation college students are the first individuals in their families to attend college. When they ask their parents for advice, their

College Students: Should You Move or Stay Local?

When you’re applying to colleges and choosing between various schools, here’s the “million dollar” question: “Should I attend a local college or move to another city/state?” Well, it depends: are you planning to move back home or start a completely

Graduate College Debt Free

Without a doubt, college is expensive. I’m sure you’re nodding your head in agreement right now. Although it’s expensive, it doesn’t mean you should pay for it, literally, after you graduate. Here are a few tips that will help you

Reduce Stress and Maximize Your College Experience

As college students, most of us are under stress from a handful of issues. We’ll do just about anything to reduce the stress and enjoy our college lives, including making an appointment to speak with the on-campus psychologist. Here are

Benefits of Attending A Community College

Strangely, community colleges have received a “bad rep” by students who want to directly transfer from high school to a four year college. They perceive community colleges as a place where only students with low GPAs attend and therefore, avoid

How I Successfully Completed 32 Units in A Semester

During the Spring 2012 semester, I decided to register for 32 units, or 9 classes, at three community colleges: Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles Mission College, and Pasadena City College. I know — crazy, right? These classes included Accounting,

Master Dating & Transform Your Love Life in College

One of the most discussed topics in the College Life category is Dating. Dating is an essential part of college and rightfully so. In my experience, college is a place of acceptance, whether you’re trying to meet new friends or

Why College Students Should Shop at Costco

As a current college student, I only have one goal in mind: Meet as many people and make as many new friends as I can because once I graduate, I might not have the same opportunity. From what I’ve heard,