The American Dream: Has It Become A Nightmare?

Chances are, you, your parents, or your relatives traveled to the U.S. in pursuit of a dream. However, this isn’t your average dream. There’s only one dream powerful enough to change your entire life. This dream allows you to rise to the top from the bottom. What’s the best part about this dream? You can start off with nothing – that’s right, zilch. All you need is hope and faith in yourself. As long as you have those two, you’re good to go. However, has that changed over the years? Many people tend to argue that it takes a lot more than faith and hope to succeed and while that’s true, is it possible to succeed without a strong foundation?

There’s no doubt technology has changed the way we live. From the way we make money to the way we spend it, the writing is on the wall. Whether this change is for the best or the worst is a completely different story but I think we can all agree with technology bringing convenience to our lives. Remember, convenience doesn’t come without a cost. As a matter of fact, we could be taking two steps back with every step forward. What do I mean by this? Allow me to elaborate: Remember riding a seesaw as a child? One side would rise as the other would fall. Believe it or not but that is a good way to look at the economical changes we’re currently witnessing – as online businesses flourish, many traditional businesses have been forced to close their doors, resulting in job losses.

We are in the middle of a transition from brick and mortar stores to online stores. In the past, the American Dream was all about starting your own business in a small store and expanding gradually. There was a certain feeling of excitement about seeing your business grow – renting a bigger space, hiring more employees, and watching more customers walk into your store. Needless to say, those aspects of running a business filled the business owner with pride and a sense of achievement. With e-commerce on the rise, has that excitement disappeared? We’re seeing a shift in consumer patronage from your average “mom and pop” establishments to online retailers. Lower pricing is one of the motives for consumers willing to give their hard money to an online seller. This transition has flipped our economy upside down – online retailers are thriving while brick and mortar are struggling to keep their lights on. As a result, this raises an important question: has the American Dream become a nightmare?

Times have changed, haven’t they? With the explosion in social media usage and the Internet, it’s not surprising to see them at the forefront of our economy. They are driving entrepreneurship and opening new doors that weren’t possible two decades ago. Whether you’re trying to collaborate with your peers or promote your project, it has never been easier to connect with others. From a business owner standpoint, advertising your business through social media networks has become a lot more efficient thanks to the Internet and social media. They [the Internet and social media] serve as a platform for entrepreneurs who have an appetite for ambitious endeavors. Therefore, entrepreneurs are more encouraged than ever to create start-ups and take their ideas to the big stage.

Without a doubt, this transition has taken a toll on many of us in the form of an economic recession. Job loss has become the “new norm” and it has become more difficult to put food on the table, as there are more applicants applying for the same position than there were in the past. However, when one door closes, another one opens. The good news is that the American Dream is still very much alive. The torch has been passed on to the Internet and social media. They embrace entrepreneurship and allow them to not only create opportunities for themselves but for others.