Are You Living Your Childhood Dreams?

Dreams – everyone has one. These dreams, however, don’t formulate in your sleep. These dreams are developed from your passions and desires. As a child, you picture yourself living your dreams in your 20’s or 30’s. The best part about these dreams is that the sky’s the limit and you’re willing to live these dreams by all means necessary. However, things change when you grow up and realize the world isn’t the place you imagined ten years ago. Therefore, are you living your childhood dreams? Are you as ambitious and driven as when you were younger? Has reality had an influence on your childhood dreams?

Personally, I wanted to become a professional basketball player and play for my hometown/favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers. I loved watching and playing basketball when I was younger – it was my world. After watching a Lakers game, I would go outside and mimic my favorite players’ moves. I played for countless hours without any regard to what time it was. I loved what I did and I was so passionate about it. That led me to believe that I was going to be drafted into the NBA right after college.

As I grew up, reality knocked on my door and made me realize that the world didn’t need more basketball players or any athletes. It needed people who were willing to make a difference in their communities and change the world around them. So many questions go unanswered on a daily basis and normally, the people who ask these questions are the ones hoping for change. Unfortunately, they wait for others to be the change they hope for. As Gandhi once stated, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” When I came across that quote, it literally changed my life. Although I’ve always been the type of person to take initiative and dive head strong, so to speak, Gandhi’s statement reminded me that there’s always room for improvement and opportunities to expand your character while making a difference in the world.