6 Signs You’re A Rebound

Think about the time when you had a crush on a special someone but they were in a relationship. We’ve all been there, right? You waited until the day your crush would (hopefully) break-up with their significant other so you would be able to approach them and ultimately, start dating them. In most cases, people who are new to dating tend to do this and become a “rebound.” When someone ends a relationship and uses someone else to get over their ex, they use someone else to recover, or rebound, from their previous relationship.

Here are five indicators of being a rebound:

  1. He/she calls and/texts you multiple times throughout the day
  2. He/she is very affectionate very early in the friendship/relationship
  3. He/she constantly mentions how special you are and how much you mean to them
  4. He/she often talks about his/her ex
  5. As time goes by, you two grow apart and become distant. He/she doesn’t call and/or text you as much he/she used to
  6. They’re not as eager nor willing to spend time with you

If you want to avoid to becoming someone’s rebound, your best would be NOT to date someone who recently ended a relationship. I know what it’s like: You want to start dating that special someone before someone else “scoops them up.” However, there may be consequences, such as becoming a rebound. Quite frankly, I’ve been a rebound myself and it’s not a good feeling. Initially, you wonder why that guy/girl used you to move on from their ex but eventually, you’ll realize it’s best to part ways with that individual.