Why You Should Stay Friends With Your Ex

Now, I know this is going to sound crazy but one of the smartest things you can do is stay friends with your ex. Think about it: You built and shared an intimate relationship with your ex, regardless of how long you two dated. By intimate, I’m not referring to getting underneath the sheets and displaying your “athleticism.” Therefore, he/she knows more about you than most of your friends and sometimes, your close friends. He/she has seen your strengths and weaknesses, good and bad habits, tendencies, etc. If you two ended the relationship on good terms, you can get some very valuable feedback and information on the people you date in the future.

I feel as though I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I used to be the person with the “There’s no way I can be friends with my ex” mindset. However, the more women I dated, the more I realized how awesome it would be to get their input on the women I date in the future. Again, only ask for feedback from the ex’s you ended on good terms. The last thing you’d want to do is talk to an ex who’s insecure about his/her self and steer you the wrong way because they don’t want to see you date anyone else.

I realize not all relationships end on good terms, as a lot of them end on bad terms for several reasons. However, out of all those relationships, there has to be at least one relationship that didn’t “crash and burn.” Therefore, you should stay friends with your ex if you haven’t done so already. If it seems awkward, you should at least make an effort because it might very well pay off down the road and you’ll be thanking yourself.