Fill Your Gas Tank & Build Credit

As a college student, one of the most intimidating things is building credit. We, college students, know how important credit scores are and we want to build credit, earn high credit scores but don’t know where to start. Having excellent credit scores and credit history is just as important as having a college degree, if not more important because you’ll need it to buy a car, house, etc. With so many credit cards available, which one should you choose?

In my opinion, the easiest way to build credit is to apply for a gas card because you don’t have to go out of your way to use the card and they’re fairly easy to obtain. They don’t expect all of their applicants to have top tier credit. I’ve seen a lot of college students, including myself, get approved for gas credit cards. Assuming you’ll make your payments on-time and not “max out” the card, this would be a great way to start building your credit and it’ll open doors to “bigger and better” credit cards. If you don’t have a car, that won’t be a problem! I’d still recommend applying for a gas card but use it to buy a drink, food, bubble gum, or something else for a few bucks and making a payment to the card to keep a $0.00 balance.

In my experience, many college students believe that they have to get approved for credit cards from big banks and with large spending limits. However, that’s not the case. We all have to start somewhere and starting with a gas card is perfectly fine. Also, I’d recommend spending as little as possible because the amount you spend on your gas card doesn’t matter but the amount you owe does.