The College Bubble: Explained

If you’re currently a college student, take a moment to think about why you’re attending college and working towards a degree. If your answer is to “have a prosperous career” or something along those lines, you’re not alone. Most, if not all, young adults make the decision to attend college, earn a four-year degree, and ultimately, obtain a quality and comfortable lifestyle.

When people refer to the “college bubble,” they’re referring to the large number of students who graduate college but experience difficulty in landing a job. Although having a college degree isn’t required to have a successful career nowadays, it’s strongly recommended because most employers won’t acknowledge your resume or employment application if you don’t have a college degree. If you’re an entrepreneur and don’t plan to move-up the corporate ladder, you most likely won’t need a college degree. After all, you’ll be your own boss and the only person who can hire or “fire” you is, well, yourself.

With thousands of unemployed college graduates and insufficient number of jobs, many believe that the “college bubble” will eventually “burst.” In my opinion, there’s no such thing as a “college bubble.” Yes, there are more college graduates than there were a couple of decades ago but as long as you, the college student, are either looking for or currently working at an internship, you’re doing your part to stay competitive in today’s job market. Many of those unemployed college graduates don’t have any professional/employment experience whatsoever, as they’re convinced that their college degree is their “golden ticket.” However, that’s not the case. A college degree is one of the few things you’ll need to have a successful career.