College Is Like Eating A Burrito

For a moment, close your eyes and think about your favorite burrito (assuming you’ve eaten a burrito). Think about your first and last bite — they don’t taste the same, do they? The first bite is filled with anxiousness and curiosity, while the last bite feels bittersweet because although you enjoyed it, it has to come to an end and you must part ways. Your college experience is/was/will be not too different than this.

When it comes to carefully crafting a burrito, the ingredients you choose will shape your burrito eating excursion. Whether you order steak or chicken, – or vegan – and the toppings your taste buds desire, they will all taste differently. However, this doesn’t mean only one of them will taste good. Believe it or not but college is very similar to this, as the friends you choose to spend time with and the adventures you tackle will determine how your college experience will “taste.” In my opinion, a burrito doesn’t reach its maximum flavor without a sauce; it can make or break your culinary rendezvous. In relation to college, you have the choice of becoming a commuter student, who leaves campus after class, or participate in on-campus activities, join student organizations. If you ask me, this is the “sauce” on your college experience, as college is TRULY what you make of it…

I’m not sure how or why I compared “the college life” to eating burritos but I thought it would be a fun article to write since there are several resemblances between the two. Also, many, if not all, college students eat burritos during their college lives. Therefore, I’m sure many college students can relate to this. Hopefully, I didn’t sound too crazy!

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